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: to give (someone) a reason for doing something
: to be a reason for (something)

If you build a strong foundation for your brand, every experience that follows – whether it be in person, in print, or online – will be authentic and purposeful.

Together, we will clarify your organization’s core values and personality, affirm your key goals and objectives, and consider your capacities. Through stakeholder interviews, market and trends research, and the development of personas, we can also come to better understand your audiences.

Through these internal and external knowledge sets, we will develop meaningful strategies to connect, create mutual value, and motivate support.

In a Nutshell

Brand strategy and communications for purpose-driven organizations and initiatives.

  • Nonprofits
  • Foundations
  • Associations
  • Schools
  • Municipal departments
  • Community initiatives

Forthwrite can serve as an independent consultant or creative collaborator.

With your brand strategy in place, it’s time to map out the details of what needs to be done to reach your audiences and accomplish your goals and objectives.

Your integrated communications plan will consider a range of channels and functions, and help you develop relevant, timely content that brings value to your audiences and reinforces your key messages.

If you’d like help putting your plan into action, blocks of hours can be purchased for ongoing guidance and copywriting support.

In addition to communications channels, your integrated plan will consider:

  • Stages of audience engagement
  • Message and content development
  • Visual sensibility
  • Staff and board participation
  • Program and volunteer experiences
  • Community presence and collaboration
  • Fundraising
  • Advocacy
  • Public relations

Words help us connect. Strategic communications help us connect with purpose.

Together, we can make your issue more accessible, inspiring and actionable, position your organization as a thought leader, appeal to the hearts and minds of donors, and demonstrate your impact.

Copywriting work can be contracted on an hourly or project basis for a wide range of assignments.

Put good writing to work for your:

  • Name and tagline
  • Vision, mission, and values
  • Messaging platform
  • Web site
  • Blog
  • Email marketing
  • Print collateral
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Campaigns
I am always excited when I have the opportunity to work with Melissa. She is sharp, inspiring, motivating and excellent at seeing the inherent value of a project or initiative and helping to bring that value to life. She has a keen business sense and a curiosity about the way she approaches work that drives her to learn new things and explore ideas that make the organization she works for and those around her better. I hope to always be able to collaborate with Melissa and suggest you figure out a way to do the same!
Suzi Craig, Senior Director of Advocacy and Development, Mental Health Connecticut, Inc.
Melissa is a thoughtful, collegial, and strategic marketing professional, and is a terrific ambassador for the nonprofit sector in Connecticut. She has a deep appreciation for the breadth and complexity of issues effecting nonprofit organizations of all sizes, and diligently works to support and advance the causes of these hardworking community leaders. Melissa is also a “connector”–helping businesses and nonprofits to collaborate!
Carol Buckheit, Senior Communications Officer, Connecticut Community Foundation
Work with Melissa, and you’ll find that your brand finally, truly, makes sense. Watch as the lightbulb goes off in all of your colleagues, too, as the entire organization learns to speak (and sell!) your mission. She’ll equip you with an effective and feasible communications plan, one tailored to the needs of your audience and to your capacity. She is also incredibly gifted at creating and editing content that gets right to the point without missing the value. Say goodbye to wordy, confusing, and ineffective websites, newsletters, and annual reports. Say hello to content that people actually want to read, and respond to. On top of that, Melissa is kind, patient, highly organized, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her – You, and your nonprofit, will be so much better for it.
Clare Timmis, Director of Organizational Advancement, COMPASS Youth Collaborative
I’ve worked with Melissa on a number of projects over the past three years. I’ve never seen anyone put so much time and energy into understanding our organization. She worked to develop a deep understanding of our mission, values and culture, in the process establishing an excellent rapport with everyone on our staff. She has worked on a diverse set of projects, including new websites and marketing brochures. When I think about our team’s best projects from the past few years, Melissa was involved in quite a few of them. She’s hard-working, creative, and overall just a great person to work with.

I highly recommend contacting Melissa next time you need help with a marketing or research project.

Tom Zeleznock, Senior Communications Officer, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving