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Shoemaker’s Syndrome

May 16, 2017|Implementation|

As I blinkingly emerged from a series of projects that had consumed me for several months, I looked around and my sense of self-satisfaction was quickly replaced by a grimace. My house was a disaster, [...]

Great Grammar Guides

January 19, 2017|Content|

I was the kid who thought diagramming sentences was fun. (Yep, I’m waving my nerd* flag.) I had a tremendous English teacher who drilled the fundamentals—but middle school was a long time ago. When my [...]

The Rise of the Full-Time Freelancer

December 4, 2016|News|

Four months into my journey as a full-time consultant and freelancer, Bernard Kavaler of CT by the Numbers gave me an opportunity to reflect on my move, and the implications of a growing independent workforce for individuals, employers [...]

Are you really listening?

October 17, 2016|Character|

Our lives are so busy and filled with noise that it’s increasingly difficult to stop and listen. I mean be quiet, be still, focus, and really listen. From everyday conversations, to program development and communications, [...]

A worthy investment of time

October 9, 2016|Content|

In college, I had an amazing philosophy professor who insisted that we be clear and direct in our arguments. He cautioned the Arts Honors students that flowery prose would not cut it in his class: [...]

Where to start? The brand audit

October 2, 2016|Strategy|

Maybe you’ve started working at a new organization, or maybe you’ve been somewhere for a while and are feeling scattered or underwhelmed by your brand. An audit is a great way to stop and assess [...]

Be human.

September 25, 2016|Character|

The first blog post is always the hardest to write. You’re trying to find your voice and set the stage for what’s to come. Plus, you may have a little bit of stage fright. At [...]

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